Commercial Horticulture Development Project

Our experts have adequate experience in offering consultancy services to commercial horticulture development project. We have a professional experience of 15 years in providing consultancy services on land development. Our consultancy services include various soil and water conservation measures such as:


Bench Terracing


Contour Graded Bunding

Strom Waterways

Water Logging

To ensure that there is adequate facility of irrigation in the farm land, we emphasize on the development of irrigation system. We design and suggest our clients in developing farm pond, lift irrigation design, micro irrigation design and finally in the execution of the project. We help our clients in following activity:


Selection of species variety

Usage of latest plantation technology


Aftercare up to Plantation Stage

Usage of FYM, fertilizers, insecticide pesticide

We also provide consultancy service on financial assistance which comprises of:

Preparing bankable report

Application for various government subsidy schemes implemented through government grants

Farm Mechanization : to make the farm completely equipped with different machines, we help our clients in the selection of water pump, spray pump, tractors post harvest machinery, processing machinery and helps them in the usage of the machines.

Farm Infrastructures : designing of storage rooms, packing sheds, labor quarters, farm house, and processing sheds.