High-Tech Irrigation Planning and Design

Drip irrigation, also known as "trickle" irrigation, is one of the methods of water management. Under this system, water is carried to the plant under low pressure, through small diameter plastic pipes and delivered at the root zone, drop by drop through drippers. Drip irrigation is widely practised and established method of irrigation in developed countries and is slowly gaining popularity in India. It is most suited for horticulture crops, vegetables etc. and finds applicability in hard rock areas where groundwater is scarce and helps in optimization of the limited water resources.

The system has its advantages and limitations. Its advantages are in terms of

Savings of water (50-60%) of that required for flow irrigation,

Effective use of fertilizers,

less labour and energy cost.

The limitation for adopting of this method is its high initial cost which is beyond the purchasing capacity of small and marginal farmers and thus mainly adopted by large farmers.

Design Parameters

We have full fledged Projects Department to execute the External Water Supply Projects on turnkey basis across the Maharashtra in the private residential townships. We work with a scope of work to suit the convenience of the client. Our scope mainly includes preparation of detailed BOQ for Pipe, Fittings, Valves etc, Supply of MDPE Pipes, Electro Fusion & Compression Fittings and Installation under our own supervision, Testing & Commissioning. This includes total Project Management under our Scope of Work.

MDPE Pipe & Accessories.

Peak water requirement of a plant per day. For estimation of total water requirement for a given area, the number of emitters required per plant, amount of water discharged per hour through each emitter and the total number of hours water is available should be known/estimated.

Design of Main and Lateral Drip Lines. This depends upon friction head loss which in turn is governed by the type of plantation/crop and field configuration.

Water required to be pumped from the well. This depends upon hydrogeological conditions in the area and water requirement of plants/crop.

Horse Power of Pump set depends upon discharge and total head including friction losses over which water is to be lifted/pumped.

Unit cost.


We are wholesale supplier of following brands :

Nimbus Pipes Ltd.

Parixit Industries Ltd.

Supreme Industries. (HDPE Pipe).

Normax Valves Ltd.

Finolex Plasson Industries Ltd.

R.M.Drip and Sprinklers.


Landscape Irrigation

Rain bird Pop – up Sprinkler.

Hunter Pop – up Sprinkler & Irrigation Controllers, Solenoid Valve, etc.

Automat Landscape Irrigation product.

Micro Irrigation Laterals Sprinklers Irrigation

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