Design Of Farm Required Structures

Our professionals are providing the following consultancy.

Agricultural Land Valuation.

Bankable Project Report.

Livestock Development Project.

Lift Irrigation Design.

Watershed Harvesting.

Natural Water Harvesting Structures.

Agricultural Land Valuation

Our experts have an immense experience in valuation of agriculture land. We adopt highly technical methods for agriculture land valuation and use quality pocket GPS, clion meter, digital soil pH meter, digital compass and many other instrument for agriculture land valuation. We have assessors who use professionally accepted mass appraisal techniques to carry out valuation of agricultural land. Being a life member of practicing values association (India) (Reg. No is PVA (I) LM 151 from 1st Oct, 2005), we have expertise in agricultural land valuation.

We follow the universally adopted standard land valuation procedure viz. land capability analysis. A land capability group is a grouping of various soils according to their limitations for field crops, the risk of damage if they are used for crops and the way they respond to average management. The group is determined for each kind of soil and its current land use.

We adopt highly technical methods for agriculture land valuation and use quality pocket GPS, clion meter, digital soil pH meter, digital compass and many other instrument for agriculture land valuation.

Bank finance

Apprising technical feasibility and financial viability of agriculture development project

Capital gain tax


Bankable Project Report

Agriculture and allied sectors are dynamic sectors which comprises of broad spectrum of activities. Different projects require different specifications which vary according to location and prevailing agro-clinic conditions. But there are certain common features in every projects and the report is prepared by preparing a brief outlines on following outlines:




The Entrepreneur

Project/Scheme Details


Project Cost


Bank Loan

Project Benefit


Financing Bank

Rate of Interest


Repayment of Bank Loan


We have prepared 800 bankable projects having financial outlay ranging from 5 lakhs to 150 lakhs. Some of the important projects undertaken by us are:

Farm Development (45)

Horticulture Development (450)

Dairy (35)

Sericulture (22)

Poultry (2)

Waste Land Development (34)

High Tech Agriculture Poly House

Nursery (30)

Cold Storage (2)/p>

Project Benefit

Moreover, we have successfully assisted 600 clients in getting government grant assistance under Apeda, NHB, NHM, DPAP and Hariyali Government Schemes. Some of our valuable clients are:

Vilas Vishnu Shinde, At Post Adgoan, Tal & District Nashik (200 Lacks)

Shivalik Eco Fields, At/Po Sasane, Tal Murbard, District Thane (105Lacks)

Sweta Agro Farm, At Talwade, Tal Trimbakeshwar, Nashik (110 Lacks)

Pease Trust, Dindugal, Tamilnadu (50 Lacks)

Kiran Chavan, Pandharpur, Solapur (65 Lacks)


Livestock Development Project

We are providing consultancy services to commercial animal development projects. Our expertise lies in understanding clients’ requirements and offering consultancy services. We assit our clients by:

Preparing detailed bankable report

Acquiring financial assistance

Application for various government subsidy schemes implemented through government grants

We also help our clients in the selection of following sites that are necessary in the animal development projects:

Our expert visits the clients’ site and prepares designs for creating spaces for animal rearing. We also lay feeding schedule and give consultancy service on type of feed and different vaccination schedule. To make them project well equipped with adequate facilities, we also help our clients in the mechanization process of farms. We help them in Selection of water pump, mud pump, dairy, poultry machinery processing machinery and other as per their requirements .

Lift Irrigation

We have practical experience of lift irrigation scheme irrigation field that facilitates us in offering following lift irrigation services:

Survey of raising main line

Survey of proposed land and quantification of the required water requirement

Designing of RPVC, HDPE Pipes as per site specific requirements

Recommending the proper lifting pump device with discharge and HP required

We also understand the clients budgetary requirements and offers lift irrigation project by checking the financially viability of project. We have successfully completed the landscape irrigation work for following clients:

Shivalik Eco Field, Murbard, Thane

Orchid International School (Design)

Chatrpati Shivaji Public school, Dhule (Design)


Watershed Management

Watershed or drainage basin is a natural unit draining runoff water to a common point. It is bounded by the ridgelines with the three closed sides and opened at the fourth side which acts as an outlet.

We have been working on the Indo- German watershed development program in WOTR from 1993 to 2003. This has enabled us to have an insight on various management strategies of watershed management. Our expertise lies in offering following services and making the watershed management a feasible project:

Providing consultancy in preparing water development plan

Preparing natural resource management plan and ensuring that it is feasible for Government and non government funding agencies

Conducting training program in watershed development activity

Natural Water Harvesting Structures

We are providing the effective and personalized consultancy services from site selection to suggesting appropriate suitable cost effective water harvesting structure.

We undertake the designing of small gully plug of stone and soil, gabion structure, earthen embankment structure, cement dam, percolation tank, farm pond, open well, and bore well and others which are necessary in natural water harvesting field.

We take into account the following issues while designing the dam structure:

Calculating peak runoff rate in proposed area

Stability analysis

Quantity estimation

Cost estimation

Preparing detailed drawing for execution and funding purpose