Protected Cultivation

In year 2010, wine purpose plantation was failed. Lots of wine yards were cut by farmers and farmers were moved towards the erection of local Shadenet House.

At that time, few farmers were in search of good quality Shadenet House Structures

On the demand of good quality Shadenet House and according to basic need of Shadenet technology, we had contact several Israel and European companies.

Some companies responded to our request, then we gone to Israel to visit the GI Wire rope & G.I. pipe Shadenet house through Agri. Tech. Asia Israel.

We learned the Shadenet erection technology.

We had imported the India’s first hot deep GI wire rope & GI Pipe Shadenet structure. And successfully constructed with ‘GI pipes & hot deep GI wire rope’ in 2010

After one year, we had given the samples of material to Indian companies to develop the similar standard product

Using these similar standard products, we started the erection of Shadenet structure from 2011 onwards.Our staffs were trained under Israel Technicians, now they are skilled quality supervisors.

Our Shadenet structure technical specifications are as follows.


Advantages and features

Suitable for any crop with any kind of desirable protection.

Our net cover structure offers crops protection from strong winds, insects, hails and solar radiation.

Made of GI metal tubing and wire cables combined with smart connections to ensure maximum strength and durability

Designed to meet international standards to withstand winds of up to 150 km/h.

Custom designed structure for optimal use of field.

Can Possible to erect any irregular shape

Various net types for different applications.

Easy to assemble.

Also erect low cost Shadenet for low land holding farmers.

Minimum maintenance

Technical Specification of Shadenet Structure:

Sr. No. Area National Horticultural Mission (Revised)

Rs per Sq. Meter

GI Pipe & GI Wire Rope

Rs per Sq. Meter

1 1000 Sq. Meter 431 Rs. 311 Rs.
2 2000 Sq. Meter 385 Rs. 268 Rs..
3 3000 Sq. Meter 365 Rs. 256 Rs.
4 4000 Sq. Meter 350 Rs. 245 Rs.


Technical Specification of Shadenet Structure:

Sr. No. Name of the components
2 GI PIPES - Main Corner Pole “C” Class ( Dai 60 mm, wall thickness 4.5 mm, 6.19 Kg par Meter (IS - 1161 :1998) standards (4 Meter Length )
3 GI PIPES - Side Pole above ground “B” Class ( Dai 60 mm, wall thickness 3.6 mm, 5.03 Kg par Meter (IS - 1161 :1998) standards (4 Meter Length )
3 GI PIPES - Internal Pole “A” Class ( Dai 60 mm, wall thickness 2.9 mm, 4.08 Kg par Meter (IS - 1161 :1998) standards (4.5 Meter Length)
4 Hot Deep Galvanized Steel Core-1x19, 1770 N/mm² Wire Rope 6mm, 5mm, 3mm. 2mm (IS-2266)
5 High Tensile - Nut & bolts (10 mm- 5/8 th) (Green Zinc Plating)
6 Wire Rope Fix Clips 10 mm, 6mm (Green Zinc Plating)
7 Top Anchor Pin – High Carbon Steel 10 mm (Green Zinc Plating)
8 Wire Rope Clamp (Green Zinc Plating)
9 High Tensile Ground Anchor with pin ( 122 mm x 12 mm bar - Green Zinc Plating) (IS:1786)
10 High Tensile Ground Main pole Pin (12 mm x 300 mm - Green Zinc Plating) (IS:1786)
11 Tape net on roof - Shadenet 100 GSM, 50% UV Stabilized ( IS - 16008 : 2012)
12 On Side - Insect net 105 GSM 40 Mesh, UV Stabilized
13 Side Internal Shading net - Green Tape net - 100 GSM, 50% UV Stabilized ( IS - 16008 : 2012)
14 Side Bottom Apron Film – Laminated HDPE Owen Fabric Film – Solar side 140 GSM UV Stabilized
15 Shade net Fixing HDPE Pins 150mm Long
16 HDPE Wire for Stitching Net, Insect net & HDPE Fabric Film – 2mm
17 UV Stabilized FRP Door

Analysis of Shadenet Structure:

We have done structural design with the help of Ansys CAD software. This is world famous software for structural design & analysis which helps us in analysis of structure. We provided the all detailed information of structure like strength, material properties, ISI standards of material, length, width, height, etc to them. ‘Access CAD’ centre worked on it, following are the results.

Structure Stability Analysis With Wind Load:


Test condition of wind speed load up to 150 km/hr.Structure is tested under test condition of wind load up to 150 km/hr. Wind load act on structure, side net, wire rope, pipes. We get structure is safe during 150 km/hr wind speed; it strongly stands in this types of conditions without any damage.

Structure Stability Analysis With Hail Load:


Nashik is under high rainfall zone, and also affected by high Hails storming from 2-3 years. High rainfall is enough to damage crops, but high hail storming destroys the crops. To avoid this, we have to build a stronger structure which will stand in any natural conditions. Our structure is already designed to withstand in 150 km/hr wind, and we have experience of hail storming at Nashik on our structure (mentioned with photographs). That’s why we tested our Shadenet structure under hail load, which 110 kg on top of structure, there is no any damage to structure; test shows satisfactory results on which our structure seems stronger than any other.

Structure Stability Analysis With Crop Load:


We discussed about natural hazard which comes unfortunately, but we have to study and test a constant load which is crop load. Crop load is constant in any natural conditions. Avg. Crop load of a vegetable in a peak period is 5-6 kg per plant. In which 2 kg of load is beard by crop self and remaining 3 kg by external support. Any structure has capacity to bear this load, and withstand against wind and other loads. Our structure having self crop supporting system, in which 3mm & 2mm GI wire ropes are used. And we had tested it on structural analysis in Ansys CAD software. Our structure is safe at maximum crop load which is 3-3.5 kg per plant. And also with wind load and hail load combine. We can see in results, sagging of 2 mm GI wire ropes.

Structural Features of Shadenet House:

Structural strength


Structure is safe against wind load up to 150 km/hr. This type of Shadenet protects crop from wind load, and structure is stable in any natural conditions. Structure is stronger than any local type of structure.

High structural strength against hail storming


Our Shadenet Structure is safe against high hail storming, we can see the above picture, the hail load about 110 kg. In each 9 X 6 Meter span can easily beard by our structure. There is no any damage to structure by natural hazards. It is because of all components of structure is used with all structural engineering standards.

4 Meter height.


Structure is having sufficient height of 4 meter and wider span between vertical columns, the intercultural operation by tractor can easily perform. Also it is helpful in light diffusion, it protect crops from high sun radiation.

Cost Reducing


There is no need to give extra bamboo support, hence no extra cost. 2 mm wire rope is provided for crop support & it is having load bearing strength up to 0.37 tons

Importance of wire rope.

If any external damage occurs by nature or any implement like tractor, limited area gets damaged, and that can easily replaceable. Also we can see the following plates, a loaded tractor with trailer is impacted form outside of Shadenet, results the Only One pipe was bended, but we can see also the other two side pipes are as safe due to flexibility of structure. Damaged pipe was easily replaced. This is the importance use of GI Pipe and GI wire rope Technology



Different farmers having various shapes of farms, local Shadenet erectors cannot erect irregular shape Shadenet structure, but the other hand using the Israel technology we can erect any shape of Shadenet structure. Following Shadenet designs shows how we can erect irregular shape Shadenet

Structure can also erect on sloppy land, high-low elevated land, structure is suitable for land having elevation between two bounds is 3.5 Ft. For Elevated land we provide common anchor supports, due to this structure gets stronger in elevated land also.


Shadenet Farmers

No. Name of farmer Village Taluka District Contact No.
1 Patil Daulat Nathu Nilwandi Dindori Nashik 9422931482
2 Swami Samarth Kendra, Dindori Dindori Dindori Nashik 9420617136
3 Sandhan Dattatray Karbhari Kurnoli Dindori Nashik 9922508277
4 Gade Dashrath Namdeo Shindwad Dindori Nashik 9881484494
5 More Chandrashekhar Khanderao Dindori Dindori Nashik 8087663305
6 Mali Indubai Raghunath Ambedindori Dindori Nashik 9822775697
7 Davne Shantaram Shankar Janori Dindori Nashik 9673658261
8 Bezekar Balwant Bhika Pimpalgaon Dhum Dindori Nashik 9764473154
9 Nathe Suresh Shankar Pade Dindori Nashik 9763507190
10 Chaudhari Manik Trimbak Talegaon Dindori Dindori Nashik 9822573200
11 More Kiran Anil Dindori Dindori Nashik 9890053889
12 Deore Pravin Pratap Dindori Dindori Nashik 9860375397
13 Bhavar Bhika Murlidhar Ambedindori Dindori Nashik 7507502796
14 Bairagi Sudhakar Hanumandas Karanjwan Dindori Nashik 9822953211
15 Tandale kamlabai Pundalik Varvandi Dindori Nashik 9822356552
16 Ahire Shantaram (Bapu) Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9423934170
17 Ahire Sanjay Rajaram Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9422944235
18 More Dattatray Rambhau Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9595839203
19 More Manisha Rajendra Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9604040810
20 Jadhav Shantaram Pandit Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9423930370
21 Kankariya Jayshree Chandrakant Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9049852167
22 Kankariya Anita Rupeshkumar Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9421606463
23 Jadhav Madhukar Sukhdeo Bijote Baglan Nashik 8275021428
24 Jadhav Prabhakar Mohan Bijote Baglan Nashik 8275021428
25 More Gorakh Pandharinath Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 7588734727
26 Wagh Mahadu Trimbak jaipur Baglan Nashik 9822741255
27 Jagtap Deepak Baburao Eklahare Baglan Nashik 9673843148
28 Shewale Sajan Garbad Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9423933057
29 Shaikh Payammodin Lukman Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9421606452
30 Deore Bhimrao Punjarao Kupkheda Baglan Nashik 9763687292
31 Pawar Sindhubai Sanjay Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9209162685
32 Bhamare Bapu Shravan Pimpalkothe Baglan Nashik 8600352823
33 Sonawane Vitthal Gotu Jaipur Baglan Nashik 9423900510
34 Khairnar Deepak Waman Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9423932956
35 Sonawane Dadaji Gotu Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9657512604
36 Sonawane Ratnabai kashinath Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9423933306
37 Ahire Subhash Tukaram Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 8552972006
38 Ahire Shravan Kashiram Jaikheda Baglan Nashik 9595677848
39 More Satish Uttam Morenagar Baglan Nashik 9890313281
40 Bhamare Yashwant Sakharam Fophir Satana Nashik 9423551833
41 Patil Rajendra Trimbak Satana Baglan Nashik 9890503599
42 More Deepak Uttam Morenagar Baglan Nashik 9890313281
43 Jadhav Pundailik Ananda Munjwad Baglan Nashik 9049033614
44 Ahire Latabai Dilip Tembhe Baglan Nashik 9420341820
45 Jadhav Daga Shivram Munjwad Baglan Nashik 9403267731
46 Ahire Dharma Daga Gorane Baglan Nashik 9011518112
47 Nikam Prakash Narayan Nimbole Baglan Nashik 9890829740
48 Bhamare Mahesh Shivaji Fophir Baglan Nashik 8975104363, 9421502925
49 Jadhav Shivaji Jibhau Lakhamapur Baglan Nashik 9423566444
50 Jadhav Damu Buvaji Lakhamapur Baglan Nashik 9881299330
51 Desale Khandu Motiram Gorane Baglan Nashik 9503106703
52 Desale Dadaji Tulshiram Fophir Baglan Nashik 9595345173
53 Desale Shivaji Dodha Gorane Baglan Nashik 9921395768
54 Chavan Shivaji Haribhau Dudgaon Nashik Nashik 9850973690
55 Jadhav Shivaji Ramchandra Pimpalgaon Khamb Nashik Nashik 9822433121
56 Palde Pandharinath Shankar Belatgavan Nashik Nashik 9860555724
57 Dhurjad Vishnu Sahadu Sansari Nashik Nashik 9823580060
58 Jadhav Baban (Nursery) Pimpalgaon Khamb Nashik Nashik -
59 Shinde Karbhari Trimbak Vanjarwadi Nashik Nashik 7776839319, 9881533614
60 Mhaisdhune Sachin Hiraman Girnare Nashik Nashik 9823020483
61 Kapse Eknath Tukaram Ganeshgaon Trimbak Nashik Nashik 9373081888
62 Shirsath Vishal Baburao Pale Bu. Kalwan Nashik 9421393139
63 Wagh Pandit Rambhau Gosrane Kalwan Nashik 9673967731
64 Shirsath Rajshree Rajaram Shirasmani Kalwan Nashik 9422926202
65 Bacchav Bhaurao Krushna Beze Kalwan Nashik 9422248639
66 Gunjal Digamber Kashiram kalmathe Kalwan Nashik 9403578397
67 Aher Vasant Madhav (Sambhaji Aher) Deola Deola Nashik 9423257507
68 Aher Chintaman Baliram Deola Deola Nashik 7588479581
69 Pagar Hemant Pandharinath Meshi Deola Nashik 9423037077
70 Sakhare Pramilabai Bhaskar Thengoda Deola Nashik 8421846136
71 Ahirrao Ramchandra Punjaram Deola Deola Nashik 9890904747
72 Jadhav Keda Karbhari Wajgaon Deola Nashik 9975909721
73 Jadhav Balu Bolaji Kharde Deola Nashik 9960710160, 9881752179
74 Shinde Tushar Kadu Kankapur Deola Nashik 9423257442
75 Jadhav Jijabai Nimba Subhashnagar Deola Nashik 9860206027
76 Deore Kishor Dadasaheb Bhaur Deola Nashik 7588096083
77 Gaidhani Dnyaneshwar Belu Sinnar Nashik 8600403303
78 Ransing Ashok Wamanrao (Dharti Hi-Tech Nursery) Belu Sinnar Nashik 9767496326
79 Sanap Ganesh Shantaram Vadgaon Pingala Sinnar Nashik 9822721062
80 Gund Trimbak Tukaram Belu Sinnar Nashik 7721956526
81 More Dilip Shivram Kokangaon Niphad Nashik 9823020848
82 Bhambare Girijiabai baburao Chitegaon Niphad Nashik 9545920270
83 Krushi Vigyan Kendra Ajangvadel Malegaon Nashik 02554 - 280642
84 Khairnar Shyamkant Nagu Vajirkhede Malegaon Nashik 9270426741
85 Purkar Subhash Rajaram Sogras Chandwad Nashik 9881883902
86 Swami Samarth Kendra, Trimbakeshwar Anjaneri / Trimbakeshwar Trimbakeshwar Nashik 9922420021
87 Lupin foundation ( Mr. Kakade, Technical Officer) Pimpalner Area Sakri Dhule 8007616167
88 Kothawade Haribhau Vasant Deshshirwade Sakri Dhule 7588734727
89 Girase Kailas Bhatu Arave Shindkheda Dhule -
90 Jawale Sujit Vasant Sunasgaon Bhusawal Jalgaon 9860998255
91 Pagar Draupadabai Vishnu Deshshirwade Sakri Dhule 7588516885
92 Patil kashinath Fakira Samode Sakri Dhule 9421492358
93 Patil Suresh Dattatray Anturli Bk. Bhagdaon Jalgaon 9422186674
94 Kakade Dnyanedav Sukhadev Babhaleshwar Khurd Rahata Ahmednagar 9175926105
95 Thorat Uttam Bajrang Vadgaon Pan Sangamner Ahmednagar 7588004671
96 Thorat Ashok Bajrang Vadgaon Pan Sangamner Ahmednagar 9421553412
97 Pawar Prakash Pandharinath Nilwande Sangamner Ahmednagar 9763323877
98 Pawar Balasaheb Pandharinath Nilwande Sangamner Ahmednagar 9763323877
99 Pawar Shivaji Madhav Nilwande Sangamner Ahmednagar 9604103763
100 Agasti agroved (Mr. Arvind Kadus) Sarole Kasar A.nagar Ahmednagar 9422085606
101 Shipai Anant Dagadu Khardi Shahapur Thane 7083880022

Jai Hind Agro Shadenet Presentation


Net Fitting Strength


Hail Storm


Strength of Structure